Making Love For the First Time

Making love for the first time is not something easy, especially if you are someone who has very little experience when it comes to sex.

Be it making love for the first time during your wedding night or with a virgin girl, there are things you should take note in order to make the session a memorable one for the both of you.

One very common problem that you will face when making love for the first time is premature ejaculation. The reason why you will find it hard to control your orgasm is because of your inexperience in sex. When you don't have sex often, it is not unusual for you to last less than 2 minutes during full intercourse.

However, if you are in your age is somewhat older, let say about 30 - 40 years old, you stand a higher chance to suffer from premature ejaculation due to age.

Ejaculating too early during lovemaking will leave your partner unsatisfied and a bad first time experience. Here are some tips to help you have a memorable experience when making love for the first time:

Tip One: If you are making love to a virgin girl, assure her that you will stop if she wants to. Since it is the first time she is having sex, is common for her to feel nervous. Your job is to make sure that she stays relax so that she can enjoy her first time.
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